Amethyst Systems provides new automatic order processing software to streamline systems for Asda suppliers

Bristol-based bespoke software developer Amethyst Systems has added new functionality to its web Warehouse Management System (WMS) software for Poskitts Carrots, which could also revolutionise the order-fulfilment and invoicing processes for similar Asda suppliers.

Lee Dowson (Amethyst) with Marc Longden (Poskitts) outside Poskitts

The warehouse management solution Amethyst Systems has introduced at Poskitts Carrots has been designed to integrate with Asda’s new order process, which was introduced fully last month. Just one month after installation at Poskitts, the family-owned business based in Yorkshire has been able to significantly improve its order-processing performance across a number of areas.

Orders received through a new electronic data interface from the customer are immediately created in the WMS, and loading and despatch documents are then printed automatically, delivering considerable company-wide time savings. In addition, the new system is also able to complete pallet calculations and forecast the sizes needed for delivery, ensuring efficiencies of space with all logistics.

Guy Poskitt, managing director of Poskitts Carrots, said:

“At Poskitts, we wanted to be in a position where we could continue to meet and exceed Asda’s key performance indicators when their order system changed.

“Amethyst’s system has produced cost savings and process improvements across a number of areas, some of which we couldn’t have even anticipated. The transition from an approach that fully relied on manual data input and complex administration from staff, to this state-of-the-art automatic system, is saving us several hours of admin a week to process 100 orders. When you consider that we process in excess of 5,000 orders every year for Asda, it’s clear that this system will have an incredible impact on the business.”

Lee Dowson, director at Amethyst Systems, is confident that the solution they have introduced at Poskitts could also revolutionise the way of working for other Asda suppliers. He commented:

“The new solution we’ve developed at Amethyst can be quickly provided for other suppliers, allowing them to seamlessly integrate with Asda and other customers. It automates and streamlines the journey from order to invoicing, while also minimising any errors.”

The solution Amethyst Systems have developed can be implemented in a matter of days with no disruption to business. Additional functionality, such as barcode scanning for real-time tracking of stock movements, which will deliver increased efficiency and control over stock, can also be added and developed as required.

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Poskitts order processing software from Amethyst


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Photo captions:
Image 1: A screen capture of the automatic order processing software that Amethyst Systems have developed for Poskitts Carrots.

Image 2: Pictured: Lee Dowson, director of Amethyst Systems (left) with Marc Longden, retail trading assistant at Poskitts Carrots.

Image 3: Carrots being processed at Poskitts Carrots, Yorkshire, following the introduction of automatic order processing software from Amethyst Systems.

About Amethyst Systems:
Amethyst Systems Limited was created in 2008 by a team of ambitious IT professionals to exploit their talent and experience within the IT sector, with a focus on software development and the logistics industry. Over the past six years, the company has worked with a range of businesses around the UK, developing innovative applications to tackle a range of business problems.
The company offers a high-quality, flexible and personal service to meet client needs, and always looks to find the simplest solution to a problem.

Poskitts Carrots:
Poskitts Carrots is a family owned farming business based in the East Riding of Yorkshire specialising in the growing of root vegetables for leading supermarkets. Their point of difference is that they grow, wash, pack and distribute all our products from one site, enabling them to control all aspects of production. Their constant strive for perfection has grown their customer base, and has developed and strengthened their position as one of the leading producers in the country.