My first six months in PR

I can’t quite believe I have now worked at Plum for six months; if the first six are anything to go by, I’ll blink and it will be time to write about my first year in public relations (PR).

I’ll jump straight in and say that, so far, my favourite thing about being at Plum is that I have definitely found an industry that I genuinely enjoy working in. It was a bit of a “try it and see” career move, as my degree is actually in Politics, but I can safely say that I really like PR! I love communication and I really like the feeling of focusing on positivity, which I feel PR does to an extent, as opposed to the negativity you can be bombarded with on the news.

Jess lightbox

I am now about a third of the way through my Advanced Certificate in PR with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and I’m definitely benefitting from how much I’m learning. I’m learning the ropes of the practical side of PR by working full time at Plum and finding myself immersed in “real-life” PR every single day, and also learning the academic and theory-based side of the discipline with Saturday seminars and lots and lots of assignments. Plum has given me the opportunity to become properly certified in PR and I’m feeling more and more confident with every day.

My job involves a lot of business administration, of which I’m feeling very comfortable now. I’ve been closely involved in implementing many new systems at Plum, such as running our new accounting software and applying several new office organisational/document management systems.

I’m also enjoying the opportunities I’ve been given to exercise my creativity. Day-to-day, I often help with copywriting and sometimes the writing of blogs and news releases. I’m responsible for creating content and implementing social media plans for several of our clients and for the Plum social sites as well. My social media skills and knowledge have come a long way and I now feel very happy getting on with this myself, especially as we’ve had great results recently with a number of our social media campaigns.

Just to add some cheese into the mix, I have to say one the best things about my first six months has been the Plum team; they really are a plum lot! Whilst I do learn a lot from the senior team members who’ve been in PR a long time; I always feel a part of the decisions and feel as though my opinion is valued. This is unfortunately not always the case in business, and is something I really appreciate about Plum. From day one, I have been trusted with big responsibilities such as handling some parts of the company finance and the day-to-day running of the office. I think this has really helped me feel comfortable and welcome in a brand new industry and in my first proper “grown-up” job after university.

I’m very grateful for the opportunities so far at Plum. I really enjoy coming to work every day (not everyone can say that!) and I very much look forward to progressing further soon.

This blog was written by Jessica Caine, Plum’s PR & marketing administrator; read more about Jess here.