Getting started in PR

I have been a member of Team Plum just over a month now and it has whizzed by! Each day has been different and I have learnt many a new thing. While I am learning the ropes within the PR industry, I have been undertaking business administration duties. I have found this very helpful and also enjoyable – being someone who loves making lists and organising, it is right up my street! As stated in my bio, I don’t have any direct experience in PR and communications so this is a perfect learning platform for me to start with.

In the first week at Plum, I was given one-on-one training by each team member which was a very valuable learning curve. The month that followed consisted of much trial and error but now I finally feel more confident in my role.

Due to the nature of the team being very open and honest, I am involved in all discussions about the business which lets me exercise my creative mind and also pick up an abundance of information. From day one, I have been trusted by my colleagues with things like invoicing, book keeping and liaising with our clients. Being given this much responsibility from the start has been very motivating. I really do hope to pursue a successful career in PR and communications and what better place to learn than in the heart of a thriving PR company.

Since joining Plum, I have attended a range of client and team meetings as well as business networking. I love the diversity that this industry presents as there is never a dull moment. I have also very much enjoyed assisting my Managing Director, Karen, in organising her appointments and meetings. This again gives me first-hand experience of the industry and the busy nature of her work!
Having studied history, I am really enjoying the modernity of the role. One of my main responsibilities is to monitor and post on our social media. Having grown up in the era of technology, social media is second nature to me. However, it has been an interesting challenge to convert from personal social media shared between friends and family, to professional social media. I have had to take a completely different approach to social media management but again this is something that I am now feeling more confident about.

I initially thought that I would struggle in this industry having only studied history. However, I have soon come to realise the benefits of doing this. As my time here at Plum progresses, I am applying more and more of my university skills to my new role as Junior Account Executive. Having done a research-based degree has helped massively as I am often asked to do a quick-scan research for a potential client or for current PR news and I exercise my communication and analytical skills daily. I am glad of this as when looking for a job in this industry, a few noses were turned up at my background but I actually would highly recommend it.

From day one, I have been welcomed into the plum team and feel at home already. This is the perfect opportunity for me right now. After university I felt slightly lost as the path towards pursuing my ‘dream job’ seemed very long and very winding. So to have been given this opportunity and to be here so soon after graduating, in an industry that genuinely interests me, is amazing. I have to add that one of my favourite responsibilities is choosing our biscuit selection! Again a lot of trust involved in this task. I could not be happier that I am starting my PR journey with Plum and I look forward to what the future will bring for me here.

This blog was written by our Junior Account Executive, Amy Nicol. Read more about Amy here.