Road safety highlighted at Spectrum community event in Plymouth

Spectrum Housing Group has worked with residents in Wantage Gardens, Plymouth to highlight road safety in the area. A free community day was held to improve safety for the children when drivers are entering the scheme.


Spectrum Housing Group supported residents at Wantage Gardens to take on the commitment to plan, organise and run a fun-filled day for everyone at the scheme. With help from Spectrum’s Resident Involvement Officer, Lisa Elford, a planning group of residents put forward their ideas and came up with the agreed theme, with emphasis on fun for the children.

Wantage Gradens Community Fun Day

Residents decided on what they would like to happen for the community day, taking responsibility for all the events and budget, provided by Spectrum Housing Group. Children designed a flyer promoting the fun day that included free food and entertainment for everyone. Children also design posters to highlight road safety on the scheme and Connor, aged ten, was the overall winner.


Spectrum’s Resident Involvement Officer, Lisa Elford, said:

“This was an exciting event for the residents who all worked hard to make the day so successful. Spectrum are pleased to have encouraged, worked with and funded the residents to hold the event which raised awareness of the road safety that is much needed at Wantage Gardens. Working with the children to create poster campaigns has had a great impact on community involvement within the scheme wish we hope to help them to continue.”


Wishy-washy, a children’s entertainer, came along with his balloons and magic show, getting lots of giggles. Children enjoyed the supervised bouncy castle with no injuries and hunger was kept at bay with great barbecued burgers and hot dogs, and a lucky dip kept children amused while they caught their breath from all the activities.

Wantage Gradens Community Fun Day

The Plymouth Youth Service parked up their play bus with a Wii for all to try, as well as the more traditional games like Connect 4 and giant Jenga. The face painter did a marvellous job and the Horticultural Therapy Trust helped with the Road Safety competition, no one went away disappointed.


Residents were also able to talk to Spectrum Staff who were present as well as the local PCSO Matthew Hopkins who arrived with sirens and flashing blue lights – much to the delight of the children who soon hopped in the car to take a look.