Run Kids! Run! – Somerset’s own Forrest Gump visits Lympsham pre-school

Run Forrest! Run!”Most of us know this famous line and the famous route Tom Hanks’ character ran, but did you know that Somerset have their very own Forrest Gump now?

News Release Image 2 Run Kids Run Somerset own Forest Gump visits Lympsham preschool 26 Aug 16

Over 30 children, aged between 2 and 9 years old, who attend Lympsham Pre-School’s holiday club, met Frome based ultra-runner, Jim Plunkett-Cole, as he gave one of his ‘Talk & Run’ visits to inspire the children to stay active and healthy.

Jim has run 10k every day continuously for the past three and half years, already running the same amount of time as the fictional character ran for (three years, two months and fifteen days) earlier this year on March 17, and delivers inspirational talks to children as part of his project.

Inspired by the London 2012 Olympics in 2013 Jim decided to run 10k every day with his trusty border collie Alfredo.  In 2014 he continued to run 10k every day and set up the daily active Kx365 initiative for adults to be physically active every day for a year, with more than 1,000 adults registered to take part in the challenge. In 2015, he followed this by completing a triathlon every day swimming 750m, cycling 20km and running 10k.

On the day of his visit to Lympsham, on the 23 August 2016, Jim had run a staggering 9,800 miles and talked to over 3000 children.

Jim says: “Throughout 2013, rather than getting slower, my times actually improved and I found myself running faster than I had run for many years. I also felt much better mentally.  I just kept going.  I wanted others to benefit both mentally and physically in the same ways that I have, and to inspire the next generation to run, walk, be active and have adventures, as we all seem to lead very sedentary lifestyles these days.”

The school visits are sponsored by businesses and Weston based marketing and PR firm, Plum Communications & PR, have been impressed by Jim’s achievements and decided to pay for their local pre-school to have a ‘Talk and Run’ visit from Jim.

Alysia Rees, Manager of Lympsham’s Pre-School Holiday Club added “The children were fascinated by Jim’s talk and afterwards followed Jim outside where they took part in some running laps, with great excitement and enthusiasm!”

Not one to sit still Jim is now planning his next epic challenge, Jim Gump, which will see Jim turn film fiction into a running reality when he runs the route taken by Forrest Gump in the movie of the same name.

Starting on October 1st 2016 in Alabama Jim’s run will cover a staggering 20,000 miles over three years, two months and fifteen days, running between 16 miles to a marathon distance every day, criss-crossing the United States, and finish on December 17th, 2019 at Monument Valley, Utah.

The run will also include visits to hundreds of schools along the way, speaking to children and adults about the importance of being active and healthy, with the aim to inspire an entire generation of young children into daily physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

Plum Communications & PR are completely behind Jim’s mission and Plum’s Managing Director Karen Morledge said; “We are delighted to be sponsoring Jim in his mission, and everyone at Plum is deeply inspired by his determination and his overall goal. We wish him lots of luck and will be following his exciting state-side journey all the way!”

For further information and to sponsor Jim’s epic challenge visit