Serin Rayner, Marketing Assistant

Serin joined Plum as a Marketing Assistant in June 2017. Whilst at University, Serin developed a keen interest in marketing and set up her own social media company working with a range of clients. Since graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in Theatre and Performance, Serin has poured her creative juices into bringing the benefits of social media alive to numerous businesses. As someone who understands the importance of a well-crafted strategy that is brilliantly executed, Serin has used her training to bring client campaigns to life, and deliver results. Serin is keen to understand the DNA of both a business and its customers and then producing a marketing campaign that fits its brand aiming to excite potential clients and fulfill campaign objectives.

Having worked as an Office Services Assistant for Somerset-based Pardoes Solicitors, Serin is organised and efficient, meaning Plum clients are in very safe hands when Serin is involved.
Never one to shy away from a theatrical show, Serin uses her creative skills to bring together the various elements of marketing to add an additional dimension to any campaign.

Serin loves: animals (especially cats and rabbits), Disney, a new project and Italian food.

Serin loathes: mushrooms, slow walkers and rain.