Run Kids! Run! – Somerset’s own Forrest Gump visits Lympsham pre-school

“Run Forrest! Run!” – Most of us know this famous line and the famous route Tom Hanks’ character ran, but did you know that Somerset have their very own Forrest Gump now? Over 30 children, aged between 2 and 9 years old, who attend Lympsham Pre-School’s holiday club, met Frome based ultra-runner, Jim Plunkett-Cole, as […]

Healthwatch working to reduce hospital visits for Fibromyalgia sufferers in North Somerset

Independent patient watchdog Healthwatch North Somerset has led a pilot project to improve and help patients with long term health conditions in North Somerset. The project has been welcomed by patients to help them to self-manage their condition. The project, which could be rolled out to include help for sufferers of other long-term health conditions, […]

Road safety highlighted at Spectrum community event in Plymouth

Spectrum Housing Group has worked with residents in Wantage Gardens, Plymouth to highlight road safety in the area. A free community day was held to improve safety for the children when drivers are entering the scheme.   Spectrum Housing Group supported residents at Wantage Gardens to take on the commitment to plan, organise and run […]

GP report urges more 40-74 year-olds to take advantage of NHS health check

Healthwatch North Somerset has warned that health services across North Somerset could be stretched further due to an ageing population declining free check-ups. The local, independent watchdog surveyed a representative sample of 659 people across North Somerset for their opinions on their GP practice and discovered that 68% of 40- to 74-year-olds were putting their […]

Invitations now open for pro-bono PR from Plum

Like many at this time of the year, Plum have made some New Year’s resolutions. Plum will aim to help local businesses to better understand their PR potential! So we don’t give up on our resolutions this year, we are launching ‘Plum Project 2014’, the chance to help a charity for the year.  We understand how non-profit organisations […]