Top 5 PR Campaigns of 2015

The influence that PR and marketing campaigns have on how a company is perceived to the public is vast. Bill Gates famously said that “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on Public Relations.” Anyone who works in this industry knows the vitality of a good PR campaign and what it can do for your business.

It has been the year of the John Lewis #ManOnTheMoon campaign that pulled on the nation’s heartstrings and the video was retweeted 53,000 times with 50,000 favourites on Twitter alone. It was crowned by the Daily Telegraph as the most anticipated Christmas advert as a result of its £1 million integrated campaign leading up to the first television viewing which already had a captivated audience awaiting the clip.

The imagination behind so many of the 2015 PR campaigns are at a peak. There seems to be no boundaries anymore. This year has been a strong reflection of this. With no further a do, here are Plum’s top 5 PR Campaigns of 2015.

1. Hearing Hands by Samsung

In order to promote a video call centre for people with hearing problems, the renowned mobile phone brand Samsung put together a touching campaign titled ‘Hearing Hands’. Samsung’s key message was to outline the user friendly nature of said centres for its customers. To do so they filmed a young man with hearing difficulties going about his normal morning routine. Only to be greeted by strangers using sign language all around him. His neighbours, the bus driver and even the shop keepers communicated with him in a way he never could have imagined. It transformed his day and his reaction was wonderful. It was no surprise when the uplifting campaign went viral.

See how Samsung showed Muharrem their world that seemingly had no barriers:


2. This Girl Can

Launched by Sport England in January 2015, the This Girl Can Campaign intended to get rid of the barriers that some women face when exercising. The inspiring promotional video has had 8.3 million views to date. This was accompanied with a range of relatable advertising that united women everywhere. This Girl Can wanted to change peoples’ unrealistic perception of how women should look at all times replacing that with a very real portrayal of exercising. With slogans like “sweat like a pig, feel like a fox”, the campaign gave women confidence and encouraged a healthy lifestyle.

Take a look and see what you think:


3. Zoolander 2 at Paris Fashion Week

This campaign is perhaps not the most inspiring but in my opinion, it is one of the most creative and also cleverly planned. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson surprised the large audience who were at Paris fashion week in 2015. In full character the two actors strutted down the runway with other models to promote the sequel to their popular 2001 film Zoolander. The large pool of press and witnesses at Valentino’s show were effortlessly utilised by the Zoolander promotional team and of course it did not take long for the news to escape the Carrousel du Louvre walls.

Hear how the crowd react when they realise who is walking the runway:


4. Why is it so hard to see black and blue?

We all remember the circulation of ‘that dress’ in our Twitter feeds. Presenting us with a baffling concept that two people could look at the same picture yet see completely different colours. Some saw black and blue whilst others saw white and gold. Social media blew up and the dress even made national news. The Salvation Army made a quick and profound response to this- utilising the media attention in a powerful way. They presented a simple picture of a woman in the said dress with the quote: “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?” and a follow up picture stating, “Because they cover it with white and gold.” The campaign sought-out to draw attention to the realities of domestic abuse and to raise awareness and funding to help decrease the shocking statistics.

Salvation Army Black and Blue Campaign
Salvation Army black and blue campaign part 2


5. Consent Is Everything

Thames Valley Police launched the ‘Consent is Everything’ video campaign to raise awareness of understanding of sexual consent by showing what it means and how to get it. The minimalistic sketch video compared sexual consent to making tea to outline the simplicity of the concept. The video was shared across the internet and accompanied with posters.

See for yourself how the basic video outlined such an important message:


Each campaign discussed has won its own right to be a successful and memorable PR campaign. Whether it be a short cartoon film amplifying a simple message or two Oscar-winning celebrities walking in the most prestigious fashion event of the year, these campaigns will have had an impact on the public.

The increasing demand for the industry’s services has let PR expand and develop over the years. The use of social media making each campaign more accessible and more interactive and the ever growing competitive nature of marketing presents no limit to what can be done. 2016 is fast approaching and we expect big things as the PR industry continues to creatively blossom.

This blog was written by our Junior Account Executive, Amy Nicol. Read more about Amy here.
Amy Nicol